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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • Kindergarten: Bangkok

    The English language is relatively static. Grammar and spelling rules have been entrenched for centuries despite attempts at change. More than ninety nine percent of the vocabulary has babbled on for as long. The English language is not like history because history eventually changes and there is something new to teach. To teach the English language is boring…

  • Witness statement

    He had a club foot. (I recognized it as my son is inflicted with the same)
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  • Valley of cats

    Name’s Paul Magner, by the way.

    My work, my house, and my wife, Kate, rest within a five-mile radius. I am an editor/writer at a trade publication for doctors who become businessmen, the people who run health insurance companies. I am also a great undiscovered genius, or at least I tell myself that when staring at an empty screen that dares me to produce a story or a novel or anything that any publisher will want. So far, no go.

  • Two poems

    Blustery June gloom Pacifica beach hoodie weather…

  • In the vineyard

    The ballroom of the university president’s mansion had been partitioned off from a raucous alumni event by a set of accordion doors designed for sound reduction, but they were no match for the class of 1972. A handful of bored older residents bused in from Paradise Village Planned Retirement Community fidgeted fretfully, fiddled with hearing aids, and cast furious looks backward as if the length of the memorial service might cause them to miss out on the finger sandwiches and free fresh coffee on the long table at the back of the room…

  • Ride the Peter Pan

    There were times when it seemed like all the beauty was sucked out of my life. This was one of them. It was cold and damp, early spring, and I was Greyhounding from my old life to my new, from North to South. I was 24, master degreed, unwed, and pregnant…