How to be a Vegetable.

by Poulomi Bose

Learn to be calm
and composed and very,

very still. let them look
leer poke prod pinch
touch grope squeeze.
Hold it in, right there
contain the explosion
in your throat, until you
taste blood with your
vocal chords. Try to speak.
If you can hear yourself,
Learn to be calm
and composed and
very, very still.
Rinse, Repeat.
Caution: If it gets into your eyes,
gouge them out.
Get glass eyes, that will not
be cast down in shame
everytime they leer poke
prod pinch touch grope

Bio Note:  Having pursued an Honours degree in English from IP College, DU, MA in English Literature from JNU and Mphil in English Literature from Hyderabad Central University, Poulomi Bose has taught in various colleges in DU for 2.5 years and is now an assistant professor of English Literature at GD Goenka University. She has also published a novella, a short story and several poems.